Natural Red Ruby Beaded Bracelet


Natural Red Ruby Beaded Bracelet

  • Gemstone: Genuine Premium – Red Rubies 10 mm Beads
  • Material: Sterling Silver Over Copper
  • 925 T-Bar Clasp
  • Size: 7″ Length

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Natural Red Ruby Beaded Bracelet – Sterling Silver T-Bar Clasp  –

Rubies are known for their energy properties. They are said to add vigor and vitality to life. Rubies also encourage passion, motivation, and courage. Rubies are called dynamite because of the way it builds up passion and creates an abundance of enthusiasm. But, ironically, it also calms hyperactivity.

This beautiful Ruby Red bracelet is the perfect display of passion, vitality, and courage. It adds a little pop to your outfit. This bracelet makes the perfect gift for people born in the month of July and is great for Winter holidays gift exchanges.

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