Welcome to Chavah Gems! What is there not to love about gemstones? Gemstones set in jewelry not only change your appearance, but because of their vibrations may also impact the way you feel! I see as fashion accessories as expressions of oneself. Gems have been used on ornaments as symbols for over a thousand years. They are also widely known for their healing and scientific properties and benefits. Each stone has a unique structure which relates to some aspect of energy, such as protection, love, abundance, creativity, courage, spiritual purification, and so much more!

It is Chavah Gems mission to offer unique and high fashion designer pieces at valued prices and exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re looking for a necklace  or ring to make a bold statement or an everyday signature bracelet or a pair of cute earrings for a gift — we have something for everyone.

Experience joy! Experience Chavah Gems!